October 15, 2020

A Guide to Harvest Party

Wine Month

It’s time to celebrate Virginia’s home-grown holiday, Harvest Party.

October 17th is a day for the Commonwealth to come together to toast the richness of our region with Harvest Party. People in the city, the country and on the shore, gather safely in restaurants, vineyards, private homes, open fields or virtually for a feast of Virginia-grown food and wine. Here’s how to join in and toast our local bounty.

Attend an event or pick-up a Harvest Party bundle.

Wineries around the state are eager to celebrate #harvestpartyva with you! Find a safely hosted event or pick up a bundle of Virginia wine and food to help you celebrate.

Visit a featured trade partner.

If you are looking to celebrate from the comfort of your home, head to a featured retail or restaurant partner. Experts across the state can guide you on the perfect local wines to enjoy at your table.

Try a new varietal or style.

Today’s traditions have too many rules and no local color. Taste a Virginia varietal that matches your palate, here’s a guide on tasting Virginia.

Pair Virginia wine and foods.

The best way to celebrate Virginia’s bounty is to feast with both Virginia wine and food. Here you’ll find a guide to pairing Virginia Wine. For a deeper dive, check out this video of experts exploring Virginia wine and cheese pairings or try a paired recipe designed specifically for your Harvest Party.

Cheers to our local bounty and happy Harvest Party, #vawine lovers!

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